Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready for crabbing?

We love crabbing! It's a great way to keep the kids occupied when we spend time at the beach in the summer. It's amazing howmuch effort the little urchins will exert chasing a blue crab around with a cheap net we bought at the Dollar Store for a buck each! What amazes me even more is that they actually luck up and catch some of their prey!

Of course, they usually have better luck when we give them a chicken back on a string to toss out for the crabs. But some of my eight grandkids don't have the patience for that kind o9f crabbing. They think it's a lot more fun to actively chase the critters through the water. Well, at least it wears the kids out.

There's just nothing like the taste of fresh steamed crabs - right out of the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. I like 'em fixed any old way - dipped in butter, dowsed with cocktail sauce, made into crab cakes, cooked into stew, or made into party food like dips. Need more crab recipes and fish recipes? Just click!

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