Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fish Recipes

For some great fish recipes, visit my new cooking website. You'll find all kinds of fish recipes here, with easy-to-follow instructions. Some included are fish recipes for baked fish, stuffed fish, fried fish, grilled fish, and blackened fish, and I'm constantly adding new recipes. I've also included some tips on cleaning your catch and how to improve the flavor of certain fish species.

Although fish recipes and seafood recipes are a big part of the site, you'll also find Southern cooking, Cajun recipes, Creole recipes, Gullah-Geechee recipes, New England recipes, Southwestern recipes, and lots more! This website is going to end up being very large, with lots of useful content. Give us a visit!

Here's a quick recipe for the fried catfish above: The fish was just rinsed in water, salted and peppered, and rolled in cornmeal. Then it was fried in peanut oil at 350 degrees.

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