Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pontoon boat improvements

Do you have a pontoon boat or a deck boat? Pontoons boats are great for families. We enjoy taking the kids and grandchildren out on the lake or the gulf for some pontoon boat excursions. Sometimes we leave the kids behind, and just the fishermen go. Of course, I'm usually included on these fishing trips.

Fishing trips on a pontoon boat is the ultimate in comfort. Pontoon boats are especially nice for flats fishing. There's plenty of seating for several anglers, and there's usually a platform on most pontoon boats. This is a great spot for landing large fish, casting, and throwing a net for bait.

If you use a pontoon boat a lot, it's going to show it's age sooner or later. Instead of putting the pontoon boat in the boat shop, why not do the jobs yourself? You can make simple repairs with minimum skills. And if you want to make improvements to your pontoon boat, you'll save a mint by doing the job yourself.

There are all kinds of improvements you can do to pontoon boats. Think new seats, new tables, a fridege or plug-in cooler, and a grill.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Florida Fishing: Flats Fishing near Port Richey

I love saltwater fishing, especially Florida fishing. We just returned from some flats fishing in the gulf near Port Richey, and I'll share a couple of fishing tips. If you're in the area, rent a boat and travel the short distance to the mouth of the Cotee River. You'll find a small island, sand bars, and stilt houses. All these areas hold fish.

A couple of saltwater fishing tips: We found the best methods for tarpon fishing and cobia fishing was to drift a live finger mullet ot pinfish. Most folks will tell you to use a pinfish, but we had better luck with the live mullet. The pinfish were a lot easier to obtain, however, as they're everywhere!

The mangroves are another place to target, especially for mangrove snapper, reds, and trout. These fish aren't too picky about baits, either. For hot-weather trout, fish early and late in the day, before the weather heats up.

Flats fishing in this area will reward you with some great scenery, too. The water is crystal clear over the grass beds. don't let the clear water fool you! You'll think you're in two feet of water even though you might be in eight feet. Saltwater fishing in Florida represents some of the best flats fishing anywhere!

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Boating Safety

Many fishermen own their own boats and spend a considerable amount of time on board. As with just about any type of vehicle, there are inherent dangers in operating a boat. And because you're on the water, the dangers are often unique to boating. One of the biggest dangers is boating during a thunderstorm. To learn how to be safe while boating in the presence of a storm while saltwater fishing, especially one that includes lightning, go here: