Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sheepshead: Notorious convicts

Atlantic sheepshead are often called "convict fish," and this nickname is very appropriate. Not only are they dressed in skin with the black stripes of prison garb, they're also theives. They'll steal your bait in a flash!

Sheepshead are usually found around rocks, pier pilings, and bridge supports - anywhere barnacles can cling to and grow. The sheepshead eat the barnacles from the structures, so this is the best place to find the finned burglars.

The best baits include fiddler crabs and sand fleas. Some anglers have good luck with small pieces of shrimp, while others use barnacles attached to their hook with small rubber bands. Personally, I've had the most success with the sand fleas - the fresh live ones. These are easy to catch in the surf or at the edge of the tise line.

Put a sand flea on your hook and bob it around a pier piling, or toss it uner the pier and slowly retrieve it, bumping it along the bottom. When you feel a tug, don't try to set the hook. Just continue winding in your line.

To read all the specifics about how to catch sheepshead, click here:

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