Monday, May 10, 2010

Save money on your next fishing trip!!

If you're planning a trip to your favorite fishing spot, you have to have somewhere to lodge, right? Of course, if you're going on a guided trip with lodging included, you don't need to read this - unless you'd like to save big bucks on hotel stays for vacation or businesses purposes. If that's the case, continue reading.

My family and I do a lot of traveling, and we've discovered a great hotel chain that we can always depend on for comfort, cleanliness, and great amenities, all at unbelievably low prices!

The secret is La Quinta Inn and Suites and La Quinta Inns - two branches of La Quinta Hotels. To learn all about La Quinta Hotels, including ways to get discounts, read this article. You can use the money you save for a new fishing rod!

Here's the link:

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