Saturday, April 3, 2010


We've all had those slow days - times when we couldn't entice a single fish to bite, no matter what delicacy we offered the finned critters. It's almost like the fish are suffering from an extreme case of lockjaw. You might be able to awaken their appetites, however, with chumming! Check out these saltwater fishing tips for chumming.

Chum spreads small bits of blood and bait through the water as it travels on the natural currents. It can reach a lot of fish in a relatively short amount of time. When it does, fish often go into a feeding frenzy when competing with others members of their school, and they throw caution to the wind, making them much more likely to bite your hook.

You can purchase chum or make your own, and you can chum effectively from a boat, a pier, a bridge, or even if the surf.

To learn more about chumming and how to make your own, go here:

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