Monday, March 22, 2010

Crabbing - Fun for the whole family!

Crabbing is a great activity for the entire family. Just about anyone can do it successfully with a little practice. Even kids will enjoy it, and catching their own dinner will give them a great feeling of accomplishment.

You don't need any expensive equipment to get started. Some cord, some bait, and a dip net will suffice for basic crabbing. A long handled net will work best, but my grandkids have caught plenty of crabs with dip nets from the dollar store. For bait, use a chicken part. I've found that the backs work best - probably because they have so much fat.

Simply tie the back onto the cord and toss it into the surf, the bay, or the tidal creek. Let is "sit" until you observe a tug on the line. Then SLOWLY retrieve the bait. When you see the crab, scoop it up in the net! For this type of crabbing, I've had the best luck at high tide.

If you'd like to crab from a pier, dock, or bridge, you'll need a crab trap. These range from cheap net traps to metal pyramid traps to large crab boxes. The traps are baited with chicken parts of dead fish and then tossed into the water. Check the traps every so often.

To read all the specifics about crabbing, go here:

At the bottom of the above article, you'll also find links for tips on killing, cooking, and eating your catch!

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